Last night the weather in Toronto wasn’t the only chill goin on

Last night’s “Asylum for the Soul” show with Grammy award winning host Ken Cowle was killer cool. I got to hear two other poets and be heard myself and there was a great mix of music from Ken who seems to have an extraordinary knack for putting the right tune with the right write. Very cool. This makes Tuesday the new Friday so, if I were you, I would get with the new TGIT movement because that’s what I’ll be doing too. I will be tuning in next Tuesday at 9pm EST and Ken has asked me to come back again probably on a regular basis. Not next week but sometime soon.

If by chance you did tune in, let me know what you think with a comment on this post.




Radio show set for Tuesday the 6th 9pm EST

Grammy award winner Ken Cowles radio show this Tuesday 9pm EST set.

Go to the website. The top left corner has a red button “listen live”

Hover over that and select what you are, Windows or Apple.

Click and you’ll have the radio live.

You only have to do that once.

I will be one of three featured poets and there will also be music mixed in by Ken.

Hope you’ll give a listen then let me know what you think.


Tuesday the 6th 9pm EST and again Saturday the 10th 1am EST
taped a radio show w/ken Cowle of Whistle Radio 102.7 Toronto Ca. It airs this Tuesday 9pm EST. Airs again on Sunday morning 1am EST. I’ll be one of three featured poets for this show. When I get the specific URL for the show, I’ll include it here. I hope you’ll tune in and let me know what you think.



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