Hi! Welcome to cyberator. This blog will be a celebration of complete randomness as opposed to my other poetry blogs. Here will be pretty much my junk drawer of tidbits that basically don’t fit anywhere else but are too cool not to post. Possibly random thoughts and opinions and I have those. Sometimes serious sometimes not. I warn you though, I can get quite serious and can get quite deleriously satirical too. You’ll have to decide which I’m being at any given time. Some times it will be easy to tell and some times it might not be.

I have some original quotes I might lay on ya but for the most part my poetry will go on the poetry blogs which probably makes sense right? I have a few of them since my perspective in poetry is varied. I’m sort of schizopoetic. I have “Brain Zotz” which is my music page but some music may find its way here too. I also have another cyberator blog on another blog site. I can’t decide which is the evil twin though. I may eventually import that content but I don’t know that for certain yet.

The cyberator

I have the Meebo chat here and I may actually be online with that on occasion but you’re welcome to leave me messages there. Messages here in the form of comments are welcome too.

Well, have a look around and hopefully I’ll be talking at ya or the other way round soon.

Thanks for stopping by and interact please.



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